What Is Greenamity

At Greenamity we are driven by the aspiration to make the world a better place and we do so by planting trees and transforming them into digital assets to be gifted to people whose stories are shared online.

We work with NGOs and social cooperatives in places where trees are needed and make a real impact on local communities. Trees are planted by local farmers and made available for adoption on Greenamity's website.

Each tree you plant can be personalized with a message and dedicated to people you care about. With only a few clicks, you can grow a new forest and neutralize your carbon emissions in a most engaging way!

We have the ambition to make you the ultimate verifier of all the work we do; each tree is geolocated and its imagery is published so that you can be sure a new tree is planted thanks to your contribution.

Greenamity was born in 2014 by planting trees in Madagascar and grew in 2015 with a second reforestation project in Bolivia, which counts on independent third-party verification. With your help, we plan to launch 5 new reforestation projects by 2018.


Greenamity is integrated by a team of enthusiastic professionals based in a small office in the heart of Europe, in Brussels.

Fabrizio Rossi

Fabrizio is the guy who started it all with his vision of reforesting the planet. He ensures our reforestation projects are well implemented and trees are safe and sound.

Giorgio Stampa

Giorgio is an expert in quantitative methods and supply chain management. He'll take care of your carbon assessment and devise the best plan for your business to reduce its environmental impact.

Miangaly Solofoson

Mia takes care of the Greenamity branding to make sure you have great looking materials with which to tell people about the actions you have taken to reduce your company's environmental impact.

Technical Advisors

A team of academics and recognised professionals help us choose the projects that people and businesses will support. Potential projects are assessed on the basis of their environmental and social impact to ensure that viable land is not taken from local communities and that the project brings added value.

Laura Brimont (bio)

Laura is a PhD graduate with a long standing interest in forest conservation. Her doctoral studies focus on the impact on local communities of international projects for reducing emissions and on forest degradation.

Vincent Melis (bio)

Vincent is an agronomist with a professional background in the non-profit sector. His activities as a programme manager have focused on the implementation of capacity building projects in southern countries.

Nima Raghunathan (bio)

Nima is a biologist and is focused on applied research. In the past she has worked on biomass estimation and conservation for NGOs in South America and Africa. She is currently developing her doctoral thesis on climate change impact on forests.

Ghislain Vieilledent (bio)

Ghislain is an agronomist specialised in tropical ecosystems and has been a researcher for 10 years. He collaborates with research institutes in France and Africa. His main interests are community ecology, conservation biology and statistics applied to ecology.