Greenamity's offsetting approach

We believe that paying small farmers and forest users for the carbon dioxide they sequester through planting trees is an effective way to help fight climate change and alleviate poverty.

However, in most developing countries forestry policies and institutions lack the capacity to promote initiatives that could withstand the highly bureaucratic rules of the Clean Development Mechanism. Even in the voluntary carbon market, the most common certification standards focus on large scale projects which hinder small and medium size projects entering the field. This means that the challenge today is to find new approaches that guarantee transparency while keeping bureaucracy to a minimum. The objective is to support small scale farmers and forest users across the world and incentivise real change in land-use practices in least developed countries.

We think this can be done using a crowdfunding approach which means we can offer supportĀ to project from their very beginning.

To meet this challenge, Greenamity is working on a simplified and cost effective certification process aimed at supporting small scale reforestation projects from the earliest stage.

This crowdfunding approach will enable us to support reforestation projects that otherwise would have never been implemented. Such an approach is the key to encouraging forestation and reforestation projects where they bring tangible social and economic value to local communities.

Our methodology is based on the use of geographical references for each planted tree and a continued monitoring activity provided by pictures and satellite images.

This approach removes the need for the involvement of third parties' verification; project funding partners become the real verifiers because they can monitor and enjoy the projects by accessing the remote monitoring system on Greenamity's website.

We are confident you will see the value in what we are doing!