Photographic verification is here!

18 months have passed since the completion of our first planting session. You might be wondering by now how your tree is doing and how it looks like. In this case, don't hesitate to access your tree's profile on to see it for yourself!

This is because we have just completed our first round of photographic verification in the Reforestation for Community Development Project in Ambalavao, Madagascar. A new set of pictures for all the Acacia trees has been published.

This is part of our work approach. Our commitment is to allow you to verify the results of your financial contribution and the development of the projects you support. And we will keep doing our best to constantly improve the way you connect and enjoy the projects you support.

Go and discover how your tree has grown!

Haven't got a tree yet? Don't worry, you can have a look at someone else's, trees have no desire for privacy :) For example those look terrific, if you will accept a suggestion: 139, 1266, 620, 380, 2560.

Keep informed on your trees and let us know how you like it!