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Green up your business and create value for the planet and for your brand!

Greenamity's approach is conceived to give the highest level of trust and transparency while providing responsible companies with an innovative sustainable communication tool.

Create Your Own Forest And Engage Your Audience In A New Story!

Are you looking for a new story to engage with clients or employees? Grow a new forest naming each tree after people you care about. Their name and profile will be on your forest map.

Each tree is unique like you! You can personalize your tree with a message and gift it in the easiest possible way: by email. Recipients will be connected electronically to their trees. They can follow the growth of their tree over the years.

Make Your Products And Events CO2 Neutral

Together we can make a real impact on the planet and strengthen the perception of your brand.

With Greenamity you can count on certified methodologies such as ISO 14064 and GHG Protocol (Green House Gas Protocol) to calculate your real CO2 emissions and identify CO2 saving measures that can benefit your business.

You can neutralize your remaining unavoidable emissions by planting trees in certified carbon projects.

Together we can find the best solution for your business activity.

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