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Anne & Ilias

Surrounded by trees, Ilias proposed to Anne in a forest in the Netherlands. Now, they are planting a forest of their own.

Their story is an international one. Ilias was born in Greece and Anne was born in France. Years later, their paths crossed in Portugal and their love grew as they were living in California. Now making their home in Amsterdam, the couple will join family and friends from all continents and 17 countries on the Greek island of Sifnos to celebrate their commitment to each other. As they start their life together, Ilias and Anne will be offering their guests a gift that keeps giving.

To show their gratitude for the support they are receiving, the happy couple will be planting a forest of their own in Madagascar, filled with one tree for each of their wedding guests as well as those unable to attend. The forest they plant will more than offset the emissions created by the planes, boats, and cars that their guests use to travel to Sifnos, and will continue to flourish long after the guests have left. A true symbol of their growing life together, this forest will be a long-lasting reminder of all the people who have loved and supported them as they enter into marriage.


September 2016
Anne and Ilias have planted a forest in recognition of their friends and family who travelled from all continents to help them celebrate their special day.


trees planted

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Geographic location of the trees planted by Anne & Ilias