We believe every destination has a story to tell and that the journey truly is the destination.

Our mission is to uncover the unexpected, the unexplored, the underrated – in essence, the hidden gems in our world. Whether we find those hidden gems in bustling international cities, or tiny rural villages, we want to hear their stories and share them with the world.

We focus on travel experiences that build connections. Our passions include wellness, art, culture, history and, most of all, food. We believe the quickest way to connect with a place is to explore its food culture. has been at home on the web for more than 11 years and we’ve created almost 1000 travel articles. While, currently, our travel is primarily based in Europe, we apply our slow travel philosophy to destinations around the world. From Atlantic Canada to Southern India, from Brussels to Hong Kong – slow is the way we go.

For every destination we visit, we share practical advice on: what to see and why you should see it, where and what to eat, where to stay, and most of all, the stories behind the destination.


August 2015
Alison and Andrew are neutralising their European motorhome travel carbon emissions: May thru August are offset!


trees planted

emission offset


m2 of forest

Geographic location of the trees planted by CheeseWeb