Rue des Pères Blancs, 4
1040 Brussels

We have gifted trees to:
Fred W
Alexandra P
Anne D

Ex Abrupto

Basically, our job is to help our clients to reach their strategic objectives through effective and goal-oriented communication, whatever form it may take.

Of course, being content strategists and storytellers, we focus mainly on helping them devise the best content strategy to sustain their overall strategic objectives and use storytelling to convey their value proposition to their target audience.

And since we like the concept of one-stop-shopping, we provide our clients with the entire spectrum of services, from helping them devise their content strategy to the nitty-gritty daily tasks of producing content, giving it a nice layout and publishing it in whichever form suits their needs. To this end, we have developed a network of well-trusted freelancers who focus on quality, be they journalists, copywriters, translators, graphic designers, photographs or web developers.

As far as content strategy and content production goes, we can deliver anything, but a lot of our clients appreciate the fact that we are specialised in everything related to the life of businesses, big and small: HR, tax, law, strategy, management...


January 2015
Ex Abrupto have offset the travel and energy carbon emissions of 2015 business activities.


trees planted

emission offset


m2 of forest

Geographic location of the trees planted by Ex Abrupto