Rue des Tanneurs 60A
1000 Brussels

We have gifted trees to:
Emanuela P
Raffaella L
Milena M
Anne D
Carmine R
Sara T
Christophe H
stefania b
Damien B
Frédéric D
Guglielmo F
Juan B
Cloe I
Sarie B
Alexandra D


Greenamity plants trees across the planet to neutralise carbon emissions and foster local community development.

We help you to have a positive impact on environment and society and to spread the word on your commitment with the people you care about.


February 2014
Greenamity have planted 100 trees for friends and people that have supported the team to celebrate their official launch.


trees planted

tree planting campaign


m2 of forest

Geographic location of the trees planted by Greenamity