Chemin du Cyclotron 3
1348 Louvain-La-Neuve

We have gifted trees to:
Henri G
Renaud D
Catherine D
Gil D
Michael N
Francesca S
Gabriel R
Bastien Y
Vera D
Michel D
Silvia B
Lynn L
Patrick B
Oliver G
Anne B


IBA develops, manufactures and supports medical devices for cancer treatment to protect, enhance and save lives. IBA has initiated the Green Turn within the company to ensure that what we do for the health of mankind doesn’t come at the expense of the planet.

A group of IBA volunteers, the Green Cell, is working to advance and develop initiatives in the fields of energy, waste management, mobility and environmental protection.

The impact of these projects is continuously assessed against the Green Cell’s main goal: to involve the whole IBA community in a joint effort to reduce the company’s environmental footprint by 10% in 3 years.


November 2014
IBA have planted 1200 trees and given one to each of their employees to celebrate the work of the Green Cell.


trees planted

tree planting campaign


m2 of forest

Geographic location of the trees planted by IBA