4 Rue des Pères Blancs
1040 Brussels


United Networks

United Networks was founded in Belgium in 1996. Our core business consists in developing web software solutions for Intranets, Extranets and for the Internet. Focused primarily on corporate services, our team acts as a strategic partner in information technology.

During all those years, we have gained expertise in many economical sectors and industries such as chemical, oil, automotive, coaching, law, medical, pharmaceutical, consulting and finance for large companies, federations, NGO's, Governmental agencies, non-profit organizations, SME's and many more.

Your United Networks' team is dedicated to deliver fast, efficient and high-quality projects in the ever-evolving web environment.

"Think big, start small, evolve quickly!"


May 2015
United Networks have planted 20 trees to offer them to their longtime partners.


trees planted

tree planting campaign


m2 of forest

Geographic location of the trees planted by United Networks