How It Works

Greenamity's website is conceived to allow you to adopt your trees and verify the results of your financial contribution and the development of the projects you support.

You can choose the project and the tree species you prefer. Choose to plant an acacia in Madagascar or a mango in Bolivia.

Trees are planted by local farmers and a profile is created for each one so that you can watch your forest growing over the years.

There are plenty of reasons to plant trees. Let's find yours!

Gift A Tree – A Gift That Keeps On Giving

Choose your favorite species, create your own forest and share trees with your loved ones. Each tree is unique and can be sent to your clients or employees.

Recipients are notified by email of the amazing gift you have chosen for them. They can access trees' pictures and geolocation online; they can access periodic updates on their trees and the life of farmers that take care of them.

Tree by tree you can write a new story and share it with people you care about!

Become A CO2 Neutral Business – Serious Efforts Must Be Communicated

Together we can calculate, reduce and offset your carbon emissions. We make sure your efforts are well understood so that you can become an example and inspire others to follow.

We use international standard methodologies to assess the carbon emissions generated by your business activities. We help you to identify CO2 saving measures that can best benefit your business.

You can decide to neutralize your remaining emissions by planting trees in a certified project, therefore counting on the highest level of international recognition.

We believe that you should get the best out of your environmental commitment. Together we can strengthen your brand perception!