Reforestation Projects - Why Plant Trees?

Reforestation for Community Development

Ambalavao, Madagascar

Cochabamba Agro Forestry Ecosystem

Cochabamba, Bolivia

Environmental Impact

Planting trees generates a huge positive impact on the ecosystem:

  • Trees make a huge contribution in the fight against climate change; they absorb carbon, removing CO2 from the atmosphere and storing it while releasing oxygen back into the air.
  • Trees help to restore biodiversity; wildlife use trees for food, shelter, nesting, and mating.
  • Trees prevent soil erosion and desertification while improving soil fertility.
  • Trees help prevent water pollution; forests provide natural filtration by processing water and making it cleaner.

Social Benefits

Trees are life! We plant trees where they are more needed, areas of the world where they can produce a real impact on everyday life. We work with recognized NGOs and social cooperatives to make sure local communities are implicated in designing and implementing reforestation projects. Farmers receive a financial contribution for planting and taking care of new trees.

All the tree species that we plant have a social value for local farmers, who can access fruits and forests products for their daily needs. The key concept here is as easy as powerful: farmers are paid for planting trees and taking care of the local ecosystem so that they do not need to cut down the forest and exploit the soil with other productions.

Our goal is to generate a virtuous cycle that can lead local farmers to start micro businesses connected to the use of fruits and other forest products.


We work with academic advisors to improve the standards of our work approach. Each new tree is helping the research on forests, climate change and community development.

Our first reforestation project in Madagascar is contributing to feed the scientific community with data on carbon absorption in the eastern part of the country.

We are always considering new ways to help the scientific community on data collecting and research.