September 2019

Marie thought bees were gone forever in the Ambalavao area. But she was wrong! Bees are back and for her and the local community this is almost a fahagagana - a miracle!

The island nation of Madagascar has a sad accolade: it’s the world leader in deforestation. Trees cutting practiced at large scale across the island in the last 30 years has caused a huge loss of biodiversity and the disappearance of pollinating insects that the local communities rely on for food, trees and plants that provide clean air and water and the network of life underfoot that keeps soil fertile and productive.

But the planting of just 15 football pitches of forest has slowly brought life back to the Ambalavao area and returned faith to local communities which are now getting ready to produce pure, natural honey thanks to the blossoms of the Acacia Mangium trees. And of course, this is a fahagagana!